Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zoya Charisma & Mosheen

Here is Zoya Charisma and Zoya Mosheen. Gorgeous, isn't it?

zoya mosheen zoya charisma glitter stripe nails

Zoya Charisma is supposed to be an "ultra bright florescent magenta red-toned purple creme". Did I get a bad bottle? Because I'm not seeing any magenta here. I definitely see red-toned purple and it is gorgeous. I would even say it's a great neon purple color. The formula is thick and dries very quickly so don't even think about making a lot of brush strokes. This dries matte and it showed every flaw from my application. Thank goodness for top coat. 

zoya charisma glitter stripe nails
Zoya : Charisma

Zoya Mosheen is beautiful. Absolutely one of the most stunning glitters. I'm sure this is what they sprinkled over Elsa's (Frozen) dress. It is an iridescent blue glitter with a sheer base. Which means you can layer it over anything without altering your base color. This would be perfect for winter nail art. Snowflakes, anyone?

zoya mosheen glitter stripe nails
Zoya : Mosheen


  1. Wow, this IS gorgeous! I think you nailed it with the Elsa comment too, lol. ;-)

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to use this for Winter themed nails.

  2. This is gorgeous. I don't like zoya mosheen TBH but in this mani it looks amaizing!


    1. Thanks! I almost forgot about this little gem. I'll have to use it soon before Winter is over.



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