Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My sister brought back some Kiko nail polish from her stay in Europe. 2 of them were from their cupcake collection. So of course, I have to use them for cupcake nails! 

kiko cupcake 655 cupcake heart nails
Kiko Cupcake : #655
I also received some pretty purple heart shaped studs from bornprettystore to review. They came in a pack of 2 with 90 pieces total. I love how cute they are! And the color is so vibrant. Thank you bornprettystore for sending these. Don't forget to use CAMX31 for 10% off your entire order.  

kiko cupcake 647 cupcake heart nails
Kiko Cupcake : #647

Here's what I did:

1. Applied 2 coats of Kiko Cupcake #647 to all my nails except my ring finger. 
2. Essie Blanc for the white tip on my ring finger. I used a nail art brush and Essie Play Date to create thin lines. I used a dotting tool and Kiko Cupcake #655 for the cupcake frosting. Placed a purple heart stud using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Invisible.
3. No top coat on any of the nails because Kiko Cupcake is a textured polish.  

cupcake heart nails

cupcake heart nails

sally hansen xtreme wear invisible kiko cupcake 647 kiko cupcake 655 essie play date essie blanc
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear : Invisible
Kiko Cupcake : #647
Kiko Cupcake : #655
Essie : Play Date
Essie : Blanc
Bornprettystore Purple Heart Studs



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