Friday, November 7, 2014


My littlest dude is incredibly obsessed with Elsa and everything Frozen. He watches YouTube videos every day. He sings and dances while pretending to be Elsa. So, I had to create these pretty Frozen Elsa nails to show him.

disney frozen elsa snowflake nails how to
Frozen Elsa nails

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Floral

Floral is usually a Spring/Summer staple but with the right colors it can transition to Fall. 

fall floral nails how to multi colored nail stamping
Fall Floral

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Water Marble

Lately, I've been working on water marble nails. It can be incredibly frustrating and messy and it's definitely a technique I tend to stay away from. But these past few weeks, I decided to take it on. I'm going to be a water marble master... probably... not really...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Zoya Matte Velvet

Zoya has brought back their popular Matte Velvet line! As soon as they were released, I called Ulta to make sure it was in stock and bought 3 of the 6 colors. I'm hoping for a sale or promotion so I can order the rest from this collection. 
The Zoya matte velvet nail polishes are not meant to be long lasting like regular nail polish. You'll get tip wear and chipping much quicker than usual.

zoya matte velvet nail polish collection savita harlow veruschka
Zoya Savita
Zoya Harlow
Zoya Veruschka

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black & White

I recently had a horrible experience with the Pueen Encore plates. My husband surprised me with a set back in July and I was so excited for them. People were raving about these gorgeous plates. They were beautiful; however, my images would not pick up. I thought it might be user error so I read the reviews on Amazon. It seemed like others were having the same problem. I tried all different types of scrapers, stampers, nail polishes, stamping polishes, pressure and basically everything I could think of but nothing worked. Some images would pick up bits and pieces but some wouldn't pick up anything.

black and white monochrome geometric nails
Black & White


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