Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rose Water Decals

About a month ago I ordered some water decals from bornprettystore (10% off your purchase with code: CAMX31) but I never got a chance to use it. To be honest, I wasn't sure how to go about it without looking tacky or awkwardly slapped on. I tried to use it over different colors but it didn't work out well. I gave up and decided to use it with a white base. It looks magnificent! 

loreal tangerine crush rose water decal nails
Loreal : Tangerine Crush

Here's what I did:

1. Applied 3 coats of O.P.I Alpine Snow to my ring and middle finger. 
2. Applied 3 coats of Loreal Tangerine Crush to my pinky, index, and thumb. 
3. Cut up the pieces of water decal. I placed 2-3 pieces in the water for about 20 seconds. After I removed from the water, I gently slid the decal from the paper and used a tweezer to place on my nail. I was able to clean up around the edges of my nails and remove any leftover decal with acetone and a small brush. Put on my top coat and that was it. Easy peasy! 

opi alpine snow rose water decal nails
O.P.I : Alpine Snow

rose water decal coral and white nails

rose water decal coral and white nails

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