Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Purple Sponging

In my attempt to do purple gradient nails, I ended up with something that looks like a mix between tie dye and who-knows-what. The only saving grace is that the colors are so lovely together. At least the heart on my ring finger is adorable. I followed her gradient tutorial. My nails remind me exactly of my 7 year old's purple tie dye shirt he wore for his Kindergarten ceremony. 
For my base color, I used Am I Making Myself Claire? by Nicole O.P.I. I sponged on Deep Purple by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. The heart was a tape cut out using It Starts With Me by Nicole O.P.I. 

Looks like tie dye?

nicole opi am i making myself claire nicole opi it starts with me sally hansen deep purple
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear : Deep Purple
Nicole O.P.I : It Starts With Me
Nicole O.P.I : Am I Making Myself Claire?

purple heart

purple heart

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